Warehousing and industrial premises complex

The area of the entire warehousing complex is 7 300 square meters. Our team has been developing this object since 2006, when the abandoned, unused and ruined buildings were bought. After repairing and rebuilding them, we have developed and filled the premises with customers within a few months. At present, there are only a few vacant rooms for storage.

The complex includes a small port for small boats that we built and developed in 2006 when the object was built and developed. From the beginning, the small port has become very popular and gave both the complex and the city a feeling of exotica.

The complex consists of three buildings:

It is a building with an area of 6 000 square metres where old German style warehouses are located. Originally, there were grain warehouses. The internal layout of the warehouses has been applied to the Klaipėda market and demand. The warehouses are divided into various warehouses with an area of 60-700 square metres.

Next to these warehouses, there is a 1 000 square metre single-storey building where administrative office space, heated room with ramps occupied by various companies, such as an advertising production company, a printing-house, etc., is located.

A separate smaller heated warehousing/industrial type of building with an area of 300 square metres is situated next to this complex where furniture manufacturing companies and other small businesses operate.

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