It is a business center consisting of four blocks. Our team has been developing and managing this object for 8 years. An average of 70 different companies and small businesses operate in this business center.

The object is popular and profitable. Over 95% of the rented premises are always occupied.

Block I has been recently renovated. The area of commercial premises in this block is 2 806 m2. The object is on demand and easily rented. At present, the object has been rented almost 100%. There is a fully equipped nightclub with a kitchen that meets all requirements.

The first floor is intended for trade. The building is equipped with large windows and business premises. The cellar is intended for production and storage (it has also been fully realised). Bureaus, offices, etc. are on the second and the fifth floors.

Block II is a commercial building with an area of 879 m2. 95% of the furnished premises of the building have been rented, and most of the tenants have been located there for a long time. At the moment, a furniture store, which has been operating for many years, is on the ground floor, and offices are situated on the second and the third floors. Attics are situated on the fourth floor, but they are equipped only partially and currently they are not being rented.

Block III of the business centre is a 5 storey building with an area of 1 170 m2. 90% of the building has been leased. A bank, various transport companies, dancers (there is a dancing hall), athletes (a sports hall is on the 5th floor), musicians, radio stations, etc. carry out their activities in the building. Urban heating is controlled electronically (very cost effective).

Block IV of the business centre is located in the courtyard where there is a parking lot. The building has been equipped as a laboratory, with all the necessary ventilation systems and other equipment. It is a 380 square meter building with a garage. 100% of the building has been leased to a single company, as a research center. The building has been renovated.


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